Artists for 2018 have not yet been announced.
Check out the amazing folks who joined us last year:

Kim Mullay Anderson

Kim Mullay was born in 1977 in Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in 1999 where she focused her studies on drawing, painting and printmaking. Kim has exhibited locally in northeastern and southeastern Pennsylvania. She currently lives in a suburb of Philadelphia where she spends her time making art and caring for her two young children.


Carol Beck and Mark Turner

River Road Candleworks was started by Mark Turner and Carol Beck. This business supports Mark Turner’s fine art career as a multi-award-winning painter. Mark and Carol make high quality scented soy candles and appear at over 50 events per year in the quad-states area. We make a premium quality scented soy candle in a plain package at a great price. We recycle our used containers and offer a cash rebate incentive for customers to recycle our containers.
River Road Candleworks


Colleen Brand

As an award-winning abstract artist, I am inspired by small moments of daily life and the environment that surrounds me. While I do not paint from photographs, I do take many inspirational snapshots that I page through on a regular basis. All of these photographs are of nature and usually landscapes. While my paintings do not directly replicate any of these images, there are similarities in color, space, energy and mood between my finished art pieces and collection of inspirational photographs.

If you observed me in my studio, it would be evident that I am dedicated to having fun while creating art. I use acrylic paint and various medium types, applied with unique combinations of tools – as traditional as a palette knife or as whimsical as bamboo skewers or handmade paint brushes. These handmade tools, constructed from materials such as loofahs and cut foam, help me connect with the composition. I also incorporate fluid mark making – a combination of pouring, dripping, and smearing – and rotate the picture plane to observe the interaction between developing forms. I find enjoyment in manipulating or eliminating the horizon line altogether. Through this process, I am able to move beyond the confines of traditional painting to create an inviting, surprising new world for the viewer.

For each piece, I choose colors intentionally to add meaning. When colors collide, they create something beautiful within the chaos that ensues. I work with the chaos and do not fight against it. I observe how the color, fluid motion, and sense of space carry throughout my work, yet convey something different in each piece.

My finished product is a result of dedication to my process while pushing boundaries whenever possible.
Colleen Brand Art


Julia Brouse

A published eco-inspired artist and avid collector of treasures from the past.
Julia Brouse


Martha Brown

In 2010, I was a full-time editor with a newfound passion for sewing. I opened a my Etsy shop as a fun new hobby. Over the years, my knowledge, skills and business grew, and in 2015 I became a full-time sewist and entrepreneur.
I now spend my weekdays sewing away on my trusty Singer heavy duty and my new Brother 27-stitch while listening to podcasts and audiobooks in my amazing home studio. On weekends, I travel to SciFi and fan conventions.
Currently, the MarfDaze Etsy shop has more than 1600 5-star ratings.

Betsy Burke

A Lansdowne native, Betsy loves spending time in her garden watching the birds and butterflies, which is where much of the inspiration for her mobiles comes from. Her charming felt birds and butterflies made of recycled milk jugs are designed to look like real species. The first mobiles and fabric pennants she made were for nurseries, based upon the decoration theme, colors, or interests of the parents. If you have a favorite bird or butterfly species, she can figure out a pattern. Do you have a special theme for a nursery or kid’s bedroom? Tell her about it, and she can come up with a plan.
Betsy’s Flights of Fancy


Sara Burns

Sara Burns was born in Upstate NY and raised in an almost “Little House on the Prairie” lifestyle. Dad hunted and made the furniture and all of the food and clothing were made by mom. Eggs came from the chickens. 2003 brought her to Lansdowne where she eventually became involved in animal rescue with Animal Friends of Lansdowne. A couple of years ago she stumbled upon a “Make Homemade Soap” book mom had given her. After practice and some nice holiday gifts, the demand for “More soap!” came and the rest is history. Kiss My Soul was born and the inspiration keeps flowing.
Kiss My Soul


Tannei Casey

My name is Tannei. I learned how to sew and knit at a very young age which led to studies in fashion design in college. I am a graduate of the School of Fashion Studies at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. While my career has taken me in other directions, I have finally returned to the place where I am the happiest – in my sewing workroom. I am content when I am surrounded by fabrics and yarn. I don’t go anywhere long distance without yarn and knitting needles. Every item you see in my shop is created by me from start to finish. I take meticulous care in selecting the right fabric for every item. Attention to details such as seams matching, prints centered and symmetrical when appropriate and design prints matched on all outside pockets.
Tannei Casey


Virginia DeNale

Virginia DeNale fell in love with jewelry making in her early 20’s, while she attended Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology, with a concentration in Social Work. She adored the process of working with metal and fire to create beautiful jewelry, which later, she enhanced with gorgeous stones and gems. “Though I didn’t make a career of jewelry making initially, I knew that one day, I would,” she remembers. Virginia DeNale at work at her workbenchAfter college, Virginia embarked on a rewarding career, first as a social worker; and then, after receiving her graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from Temple University, she built a successful psychology practice in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Michael. For more than 30 years, as a psychologist, Virginia has truly enjoyed helping people meet their goals. But Virginia’s passion for jewelry making never cooled. In 2010, she began to dabble again with making jewelry, and her love for the art was rekindled. After working independently on her craft for a few years, she realized she wanted to learn more, and refine her skills. “I started taking classes at the Jewelry Academy of New York and found my voice,” she says. “I consistently return there to learn new techniques and find new inspiration.”
Virginia DeNale Jewelry


Nick Duvall

Founded by Nick Duvall over 11 years ago, Duvall Leatherwork is the classic all American story of making your life long hobby a successful growing business. Literally started from the ground up, this bustling workshop creates some truly amazing handmade leather goods.
Duvall Leatherwork


Joe Grubb

I am an Outsider, completely self-trained. I started painting at age 58, have had a lot of success. I am a Signature member of both PA and Phila. WC Societies. I paint mostly landscapes, with water emphasis. My work trends to be realistic and detailed.
Joe Grubb Fine Art


Deanna Haldeman

Deanna Haldeman was introduced to making pottery in high school in the mid 80s. The first day of class, after fighting with the clay for an hour or so, she had created a small pinch pot. She was hooked. Deanna continued taking classes throughout High School and College finally receiving her BA with an emphasis in ceramics from the University of Wyoming in 1991. After starting up Deramics Clay Studio and working out of her living room for a few years Deanna started taking classes and working as a kiln tech at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford. In 2007 she became a juried member in The Potters Guild and has been creating functional pottery there ever since. Most of Deanna’s pottery starts on the potters wheel. After throwing (forming) the piece, it is either altered in some way or left to dry until it is ready to be stamped, drilled or trimmed. The piece is then left to dry slowly until is it bone dry and ready to bisque fire. After firing the pots to 1888 degrees Fahrenheit and allowing them to slowly cool they are ready to glaze. Deanna mixes lead free glazes which she applies by dipping, pouring, dribbling, and squirting. Her color combinations include her popular midnight daisy design, her newest melon colored glaze, and some beautiful blues and greens. The pots are then fired again this time to 2232 degrees making them water tight as well as microwave and dishwasher safe. Deanna’s work is inspired and influenced by traditional pottery forms, nature and her customer’s comments and needs. Although she does not take custom orders, a request may influence future work. So if you mention something to her that you have been looking for, don’t be surprised to find it at a future Deramics Clay Studio event.
Deramics Clay Studio


Karen Heenan

I’ve sewn since I was a child, but in 2013, I left my full-time office job to turn my passion into a business. Around the same time, I started working with recycled fabrics. This is very important to me, not just because of the environmental impact but it helps to keep my material costs down so that I can make handmade more affordable to those who would like to buy but are often put off by the price of handmade.
Karen Heenan


Mona Iannaccone

Mona began her career in fashion illustration and graphic design. These backgrounds combine in her art studio “galleria mona”. A collection of original design cards and art prints including her signature cats and canines, in her stylized watercolor and ink brush, showcase a modern and elegant design. She loves presenting her hand finished cards and prints as both useful and beautiful artwork. She has participated in juried art shows and receives many commissions for custom art, illustration and design projects, including custom, illustrated cards which often feature portraiture of pets and their people. She continues to expand her collection of animal artwork, and other stylish illustrations and offers custom pet portraits in both pastel and watercolor.
galleria mona


David Jablow

David Jablow is a multi-media artist based in Philadelphia. He is predominantly known for his drawings on mid-century “doodle-pads”: notepads featuring outlines of women in provocative poses. These drawings have been showcased on BuzzFeed, boingboing, Huffington Post Arts, and probably your Tumblr feed.
David Jablow


Morgan Jamison

Old Blood Jewelry and Wears was started in 2012 by Morgan Jamison. A 2009 graduate of the University of the Arts Jewelry/Metals Program, I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. It started by picking up treasures on the ground as a child and wearing them, and in a sense, that’s still how it remains…The fascination with the things I see and places I find. I see Jewelry and the things you choose to carry on the body as more than just an expression of identity and as a maker, I see the things we create as more than just an art form. It is a human impulse and it is just as old as we are. I make jewelry with the intention of empowering the wearer and captivating a viewer. I employ many processes and materials in my work, rarely does a piece have just one process implicated or material used. Color, contrast and textures figure highly into my aesthetic and design decisions. Our studio is in West Philadelphia where all of the jewelry is handcrafted by Myself and assistants Caitlyn Phillips and George Cosgrove.
Old Blood Jewelry & Wears


Laura and James Kranefeld

James and Laura are a father and daughter artist duo. Both are alumni of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. James is an accomplished painter, illustrator and photographer with varied interests in many areas from nature, to railroads and history. Many of his images reflect his interests with an artists skill and vision. Laura has a passion for pictures, both moving and still. She is drawn to the weird beauty of nature and expressive city environments. Sharing many of the same interests as her father Lauras artist’s expression reflects her youth and quirky sense of humor.
Kranefield Pictures Ink


Madelyn Lang

At Philadelphia College of Art, I took an elective bookbinding course. A few years ago I made myself some sketchbooks and found that the process was simple and therapeutic enough to be fun, while the blank covers allowed for a great deal of creativity. I let the design process drive itself as I work to improve my books.
Peeps and Books


Ashleigh Loeffler

Mother, wife, designer, Ashleigh Loeffler is the vision behind the Wise Owl Shop. Her love for sewing stems back to her first Home education class in middle school. Ashleigh has been designing and creating clothes for herself since high school. In the winter of 2009 she began upcycling cowls from various materials. With so many complements on her personal pieces she decided to attempt to sell her pieces. The Wise Owl Shop has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 7 years. Her signature winter accessory, upcycled neckwarmers can be found in over 150 boutiques across the US and Canada. Check out the events page for upcoming events she will be set up at selling her one-of-a-kind wares.
Wise Owl Shop


Carol McGarvey

Each finely handcrafted piece of jewelry made by Beauty and the Beads is designed to be a unique creation. We use the finest materials and metals including gemstones, Swarovski crystal, and pearls. Over the past three years, we have studied and mastered the ancient art of Japanese Kumihimo. This technique which is the braiding of fibers and beads in intricate patterns appeals to today’s customers. Our clients custom order jewelry for special occasions such as movie premieres and weddings. The business has grown steadily over 10 years and we have a large following on the Main Line and in Delaware County.

Beauty and the Beads have been invited to participate in many area fine arts and craft fairs including Historic Yellow Springs Fine Arts and Crafts Fair and the Haverford Guild Spring and Holiday shows. Carol McGarvey and Sharon Morse are the artisans and owners of Beauty and the Beads. Carol and Sharon are members of the Pennsylvania and Haverford Guild of Craftsmen.
Beauty and the Beads


Stephen Melnick/Megan Conn

Stephen Melnick is an artist who lives in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. He graduated from Hussian School of Art and does his pen and ink drawings with meticulous details that take hours to complete.
Stephen Melnick Artwork


Tanya Minott

I am a self taught jewelry artist who studied art at the prestigious Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia. Each piece that I design explores the relationships between color, texture, and material with the use of repeating patterns. The end pieces are unique, but wearable works of art that are appropriate for both special events and everyday use. Personally, I am a married mom of two, and work full time as a zookeeper at the Philadelphia Zoos’ KidZooU exhibit
Tanya Minott Jewelry


Liz Moorhead

Betsy Ann Paper began in 2009 amid frustration at mass-produced and overstated greeting cards. Using spare lines and minimal bright colors, the watercolor illustrations of Betsy Ann Paper evoke the emotion and nostalgia of old-fashioned, heartfelt mail. Simple images and short thoughts allow the quiet honesty of the message to really shine through.
Betsy Ann Paper


Cynthia Mould

Small originals and note cards of mostly local scenes.
Cynthia Taylor Mould Fine Art


Cooper O’Neil

Trained to build cathedral windows, Cooper O’Neil makes stained glass art both monumental and miniature in the Philadelphia area. His most recent projects are etched stained glass maps on beautiful handmade glass. These pieces are the result of several years of material and process experimentation and development. A love for crisp design and thoughtful presentation come together to make these pieces unique and eye-catching. Cooper is currently based out of a studio in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia.
Cooper O’Neil


Ilene Pearlman

Ilene Pearlman got her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986 from Tyler School of Art/ Temple University in Philadelphia, where she majored in painting and sculpture. She spent her senior year in Rome and for the next several years travelled intermittently throughout Europe, Morocco, Israel, Egypt and Turkey. She was fascinated and influenced by the art, patterns, textiles and tiles that dominate these cultures.
After school she was working in wood and painting when she began a hand painted clothing business. From there, after many years of production, she started taking some of the designs and fabric from the clothing she was working on to create more involved pieces of art. The pieces have developed over the years, and have become less about painting and more about the sewing and construction of fabric.
Now, she is primarily using salvaged vintage and found/discarded remnants to construct more abstract and personal pieces. She also incorporates found objects such as scissors, bottle caps, buttons and whatever intrigues her into the piece. All her work is hand sewn with thousands of stitches to create texturally complex, colorful curious pieces. She takes pride in using what is there, picking intuitively from the piles of stuff strewn about her studio floor.
Ilene Pearlman


Sarah Rene

Sarah Rene is a visual artist and educator from the Philadelphia area. Her artistic practice surrounds ideas of nature vs. nurture, usually one taking precedent on a 2-dimensional surfaces overall.
Love Sarah Rene


Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson, Handmade artisan residing in Collingdale, PA. As a new mother it was important for me to develop skincare products that were not only safe but had a aroma therapeutic purpose. All products are free of parabens, synthetic fragrance and sulfates. My products are all vegan, mostly organic and natural scented with essential oils.
Izzie Lizzie Organics


Nonthaporn K. Saunders

My name is Nonthaporn K. Saunders Most people call me “Pum” or “Pummy” for short. I am a graphic designer, originally from Thailand, but have been residing just outside of Philadelphia for several years now. As a child, I was hands on with paints, paper, and wood; these early art adventures soon evolved into photography and print production. After receiving my BFA in Visual Communication Design from Rangsit University, Thailand, I plunged into packaging design before opening my own store in central Bangkok night market focused on handmade candles, silver jewelry, and incense clay burners. My passion to express myself and tell stories through different styles and media pushed me to come to the states to hone my higher education, skills, and learn new techniques. I took photography classes at the Art Institute and received a diploma in Graphic and Web Design from Anthem Institute, Springfield, PA. Classes aside, I have worked on a variety of freelance projects, from creating backdrop images for theatrical productions to building websites, scientific posters, and even designing triathlete apparel. Also, during this time, a trip home surprised me at the extent outside influences were having on Thai culture and art. Motivated to highlight the beauty and significance of my Thai heritage, I started Saansen Design to create arts and products that blended traditional Thai themes and concepts with contemporary art styles and techniques.
Saansen Design


GiGi Singh

Hi there, my name is GiGi and I have been making handmade clay jewelry for a couple of years now and I am having a blast. I make my jewelry using clay, paints, chalks and powders creating one of kind colorful and fun pieces that appeal to every age!
GiGi Singh


Eileen Stanfield

I first sat on a wheel in the spring of 2014. I never knew it would become such a huge love in my life, but I have been overtaken by the clay! I took 4 rounds of formal pottery classes in 2014 and 2015 at The Philly Art Center and at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, I have been working solo at The Clay Studio. I’ve had the great opportunity to meet and form relationships with several artists at The Clay Studio. I consider myself an intermediate in ceramics and in the specific throwing forms I create. In March of 2015 I started my etsy store and have done well with online sales; having repeat customers. In the summer and fall of 2015 I started selling at craft fairs and markets in the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties. At a private home sale put together with a like-minded artist friend in November 2015, I sold 95% of my inventory and was rendered speechless by the outpouring of support. I truly love every piece that I make. They will always be one of a kind, and it’s neat to think that each piece someone else enjoys as much as I do can appreciate the craft!
Stanfield Ceramics


Claire Tomlinson

I have 2 passions, being teaching and creating objects. I have always loved the process of weaving texture and color together. To start with something small, say a knot or a stitch or a glass bead, and repeat a process until a product has emerged has always seemed magical to me. I especially like to find new ways to apply these processes to create objects that have an everyday use. When I was 11, I convinced my mother to allow me to macramé her kitchen curtains (she hated “hippy” things)! My current processes are seed bead weaving, marbling on both fiber and recycled glass, painting on glass using alcohol inks, and have recently began to find ways to repurpose my collection of porcelain that has been sitting in the attic. I have not forgotten my love of rope; I am currently dying it ( so much fun to blend dyes) or leaving it in its natural form. When I am fortunate enough to travel, I see and experience things that I apply to my creative process. I am currently inspired by the stained glass in the medieval churches in France and have become obsessed with glass. My work can be found in art/craft fairs throughout the mid-Atlantic region. As for my other passion, I am currently a French teacher in the William Penn school district and have to say (with no bias) that I have some of the best students ever!
Chez Claire


Mary Tyldsley

I started out beading about 10 years ago to satisfy an interest I’ve had in jewelry all my life. Some of my favorite items are made with the off grade beads with funky shapes like mis-formed pearls. My customers like them as well because they are unusual. I also specialize in mother of pearl beads in my designs. My newest jewelry is handmade, braided bracelets and necklaces that you can personalize from a large number of charms in stock.


Puyea Yohannes

Puyea Yohannes is an independent artist based in Delaware County outside of Philadelphia. At the age of 5 she began drawing and painting – a hobby she picked up from her father (who was and architect at the time). Being an immigrate from Ethiopia she was told to pursue other occupation and career even through her passion was art. After she received her degree for a non art fields, she began to sway back toward has passion which is art and drawing instead. Now she illustrates artwork that is inspired by her children. She wanted to represent people of color especially children while incorporating her culture into all her art pieces. Now she is in process of working on her next project which will be men/boys portraits.
Bole Lig