Vendor Guidelines

Festival Date & Time

  • Festival will proceed, rain or shine, from 12pm til 6pm.
  • Vendor set-up will be from 10am until 11:30am. Set-up must be completed by 11:30am.
  • Teardown will be from 6pm until 7:30pm. Vendors may not begin breaking down their area before 6pm, and everything must be cleared out by 7:30pm.

Vendor Area

  • Vendors will be assigned a 10×10 space and are expected to keep their space neat and professional.
  • Vendors must stay within the bounds of their space, keeping the walkway clear, and without spilling into other vendors’ designated spaces.
  • You must use a 10×10 tent. Tents must be weighted with at least 20lb weights on each leg. If you do not own a tent, we will have a few for rent for the Festival.
  • You are encouraged to designate your space with signage displaying your business name.
  • The location of your vendor space is at the sole discretion of LEDC.
  • Vendors must keep their area clean and free of trash and debris during the festival. After the festival, vendors must be sure their entire area is cleared before leaving and take trash out with them.


  • The LEDC does not assume any responsibility to ensure the safety of your property from damage or theft. Please be aware of your belongings.

Vendor Conduct

  • Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner with all customers, Festival staff and attendees.
  • No illegal substances or weapons are permitted in the Festival area at any time.
  • The LEDC reserves the right to remove any vendor from the Festival at any time if the vendor is not acting in accordance with these guidelines or is behaving in a rude or inappropriate manner.

Cancellation Policy

  • Refund of $75 if cancelling prior to July 15, no refunds for cancellations after July 16.